CRA ANTARES confirmed credit score of Ukrainian company – UNIQUE TRADE (PP FIRMA UNIQUE TRADE CO)

Apr. 5, 2018

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CRA ANTARES has conducted comprehensive investigation to reassess creditworthiness of Ukrainian company UNIQUE TRADE. In result of the action CRA ANTARES has confirmed the credit score uaK3+ to UNIQUE TRADE and increased the limit of short-term financing for the Company.


Credit Score uaK3+ confirms that UNIQUE TRADE is characterized by sufficient creditworthiness comparing to other Ukrainian borrowers. UNIQUE TRADE’s financial position is satisfactory to prevent foreseeable risks in the short-term period.

UNIQUE TRADE (PP FIRMA UNIQUE TRADE CO) has been successfully operating on Ukrainian market since 1994. Today, UNIQUE TRADE is one of leaders on Ukrainian automotive spare parts market and imports over 70 brands and over 50 thousand spare parts items. UNIQUE TRADE possesses its own warehouses, fleet of vehicles and has several branches around Ukraine.

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Volume of financing recommended to business entities: USD 375+ million