Yehor Zemzyulin, CEO

Prior to establishment of CRA ANTARES, since 2011 Yehor has been contributing to and developing with a team of IBcontacts Holding. Having joined it at the position of credit analyst, in 2012 Yehor had already occupied the position of the Head of Credit Deparment, and in 2013 was appointed as Director and successfully developed Credit Rating Agency IBrating – one of the Holding’s subsidiaries. Throughout his work in IBcontacts Holding, Yehor was responsible for conducting comprehensive credit investigations of business entities, operating in CIS region and assigned over 1500 credit ratings, having implemented the theoretical knowledge of financial and credit analysis. Besides, under Yehor’s supervision and direct involvement the CRA IBrating team has developed and implemented IT-system for performing financial analysis and generating credit reports that has significantly improved the efficiency of Holding and accompanied its rapid development.

Yehor has also acquired experience of conducting international audits of state funds utilization efficiency and represented their results at multiple international meetings, having occupied a position of Specialist at the Accounting Chamber of Ukraine in 2010-2011.

Yehor has obtained two Master degrees (Finance and Law) in top Ukrainian universities and spent a year studying abroad.


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Ivan Zemzyulin, Business Development Director

Ivan Zemzyulin graduated from Kyiv National Economic University, in 2012, with major in International Economics and in 2014 obtained a Master degree in International Business Management. During 2013, he worked in one of the leading credit-rating agency in Ukraine as a Coordinator in Long-term rating department. Ivan was in charge of implementation and automation of business processes, carried out functions of project manager and was responsible for communication with first-rate credit rating agencies and export credit agencies. His contribution has been expressed in: organization of work between departments that allowed assigning up to 500 short-term rating scores monthly; project coordination in terms of long-term rating process for the largest Ukrainian companies in the fields of: machinery, mining, foodstuff selling; arrival of agreement for benchmarking, regarding credit rating issuance methodologies, with S&P’s Russian division. During the second half of 2013, Ivan directly participated in Market Analysis Department functioning, having prepared more than 100 overviewsю.

Besides higher education in Kyiv National Economic University, Ivan obtained a bachelor degree in Law and a Master degree in Administrative Management in National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine. In 2006, Ivan was the finalist of international student exchange program (FLEX) and spent a year studying in USA.

Versatile education, obtained in Ukraine and abroad, as well as efficient work experience with foreign and domestic organizations place Ivan as an irreplaceable part of CRA ANTARES and help him in achieving corporate goals and impetuous development.



Maksym Shulezhko, Head of Supervisory Board

Maksym is one of the founders and essential part of CRA ANTARES. Maksym has over 15-years of working experience in international trade, successful crisis management skills, productive experience of widening sales network and optimizing business activity. Therefore, Maksym knows how important it is to know your partners and manage risks from the first hand.

Since 2004, Maksym Shulezhko directs the Representative Office of Podravka d.d. in Ukraine. Podravka d.d. is of one of the largest food concerns in Europe. Maksym’s determination and skills to adapt and quickly produce results allowed him to rapidly grow and occupy the position of Representative Office Director. Under his management the Company has successfully entered and strengthened its positions in Ukrainian market, as well as maintained profitability during economic crisis. Communication skills and fruitful cooperation with national and regional distributors allow Maksym conducting effective production planning and precise price determination control

Maksym is continuously achieving career and personal goals with the help of quality education, obtained in Ukraine and abroad. Besides, Maksym enjoys conducting scientific activities at the Institute of agricultural economics named after O.H. Schlichter at National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.




Strict selection and control of data sources allows our customers to always be sure that their decision-making is based on reliable information.The combination of different data sources together with thorough analysis allows our customers to focus on the most important aspects and put aside the unnecessary junk.Continuous process of reselection of data sources brings CRA ANTARES a step ahead and ensures customers get the freshest data 24/7.

CRA ANTARES is proud to implement thoroughly developed unique process of quality control and opinion generating. It includes three stages and requires participation of various specialists: financial and credit analysts, market specialists, legal advisors and senior quality controllers.

Continuous investments in IT-solutions keep processes of data collection, analysis and transfer up to date and in-line with leading companies world-wide. We are proud not to just offer data, but to cut costs of its implementation for our customers.




Since the start of its operating activity CRA ANTARES has chosen to focus exceptionally on one region and become a leading expert in it. CIS and Georgia is the region with enormous potential in international trade, while at the same time rather intransparent in terms of information availability and investment.

CRA ANTARES permanently attracts various highly qualified specialists and possesses enough expertise to bring confidence and additional value to customers.